Green up your walls

    Meet a new and unique product in the wallpaper industry – Ecodeco™. It provides innovative green technology for the production of your favorite wallpaper in an environmentally friendly way.

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    01 - Made of clean

    Made of clean

    EcodecoTM is an eco-friendly material that is used by wallpaper producers to create your favorite designs. It might look like traditional vinyl wallpaper, but it’s produced from a special eco-friendly polymer compound which contains no harmful components of any type. Now you can enhance your room decor in an innovative green way!

    Our wallcovering consists of three main layers: a non-woven or paper backing, specially developed EcodecoTM  foam and finally a print layer on top. EcodecoTM foam is made from PO (poly olefin) polymer compounds, a viable and eco-friendly alternative to PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The same materials that are used for EcodecoTM  organic wallpaper are widely used for food packaging, children's toys and medical equipment. Wallpaper based on EcodecoTM contains no plasticizers, dilutants or any liquid components. In addition, there are no metal-organic stabilizers or other harmful chemicals. 

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    Inside matters
    02 - Nature-friendly odor-free material

    Nature-friendly odor-free material

    Ecodeco™ is an eco-friendly odor and migration-free material. Migration from a wallpaper is the transfer of chemical components from the wallpaper to the contacting objects or the indoor air. You can see an example of such migration in everyday life when oil from deep fried donuts is adsorbed by a napkin. Ecodeco™ contains no liquid components and is a migration-free product. This is also why it is an odor-free material.

    The migration from the wallpaper can occur in two steps – first during production at high temperatures. It is known that up to 20% of PVC can evaporate during production. This requires sophisticated systems for the collection and incineration of fumes, however some of the fumes are absorbed into the wallpaper and delivered to the client. That is the reason of the smell from newly purchased wallpaper. Second migration step occurs in-house, after hanging wallpaper on the wall. While this migration is slower than during manufacturing, it nevertheless creates unpleasant odors.

    The manufacturing process of EcodecoTM wallpaper is green and clean. The EcodecoTM material doesn’t contain liquid material and therefore there is no migration during production. In the production of EcodecoTM wallcovering we use only nature-friendly, safe and easily recyclable materials. The waste from the process can be easily recycled unlike the PVC waste. In addition, the specially developed EcodecoTM process is also more energy efficient and generates less waste than the production of PVC-based wallpaper.

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    03 - Why Green Matters?

    Why Green Matters?

    Most modern wallpapers are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which can be harmful both for the environment and for human health. EcodecoTM  technology is the first step to using an alternative to PVC.

    04 - PVC
    1 — poli
    2 — vinyl
    3 — chloride

    Harm of P1V2C3

    Most modern wallpapers are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC wallpaper is very popular due to its excellent wear resistance, design possibilities, longevity as compared to natural paper based wallpaper, as well as its low cost. PVC wallpaper contains about 40% by weight of liquid - phthalates plasticizers and dilutants that soften otherwise hard PVC. The liquid components are not chemically bounded to the polymer, and therefore have a high tendency to migrate. Liquids from PVC partially evaporate during production (up to 20%) and partially stay within the wallpaper and can migrate to your home environment. Phthalate plasticizers have been linked to cancer, endocrine disruption and some other diseases. Current EU legislation forbids or limits the use of many types of phthalate plasticizers in children’s toys, medical devices and food contact material.

    In addition, the PVC polymer itself has raised many objections due to the potential harm it poses for the natural environment, such as its practically endless life cycle, low recyclability and energy recovery, as well as potential formation of dioxins. 

    Migration of PVC

    Natural sunlight can cause PVC to evaporate and thus enter the air of your home.
    If you touch vinyl wallpaper you can get plasticizers on your skin and this can then enter your body.
    Wallpapers made with PVC have an unpleasant odor.



    Heat experiment






    05 - Why Choose Ecodeco?

    Why Choose Ecodeco?

    Similar in design and quality, but produced in a nature-friendly way, PVC-free Ecodeco™ wallpapers are simply a more convenient and healthy choice for your walls.

    • Ecodeco™ wallpaper looks exactly the same as PVC wallpaper.
    • Ecodeco™ wallpaper has the same or better quality, wear resistance and can provide great interior design possibilities.
    • Ecodeco™ wallpaper has the same price range as PVC wallpaper.
    • It contains no PVC, no plasticizers and no harmful additives of any type. Ecodeco™ based wallpaper produces no migration either during production or use. It can also be easily recycled after use.

    EcodecoTM material was thoroughly tested by the authorities and passed wallpaper standard tests such as the wallpaper standards DIN EN 235 and RAL-GZ 479, fire resistance DIN EN 13501-1, migration to the in-house air and smell according to EN ISO 16000, VDA 270 C1, AgBB/DIBt and Class A+.

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    06 - Certification


    EcodecoTM  based Wallpaper has a very low ecological footprint as certified by the Eco Institute label using extensive tests going far beyond the legal requirements. Products are eligible for the eco-INSTITUT-Label if they are harmless and ecologically agreeable. 

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    07 - How To Recognize Ecodeco™

    How To Recognize Ecodeco™

    You can recognize Ecodeco™ materials by the light green print on the back of the wallpaper. Almost any of the currently available high quality wallcoverings can be made with Ecodeco™ technology.